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Motor Legal Expenses

Type of insurance and cover provided

Typical Motor Legal Expenses Insurance provides cover as detailed below:

Policy Section
This policy will cover
Significant Exclusions - The insurer will not be liable for:
Motor Legal Expenses
Legal costs to pursue claims directly arising from a road traffic accident involving your vehicle, including but not limited to uninsured losses such as:
  • Personal injury
  • The excess you are required to pay to your motor insurers
  • Substitute vehicle hire
  • Damage repairs to your vehicle
  • Loss of earnings or loss of use
  • Vehicle recovery and storage charges
  • Uninsured damage to personal property
Following a road traffic accident we will take all the details, collate the information about your losses and negotiate to try and recover them.

If a decision is appealed we will help in appealing or defending an appeal.

If an appointed lawyer is used, we will pay their legal costs.
  • Claims reported more than 180 days after the date on which the insured incident occurs;
  • Claims relating to a contract involving your vehicle;
  • Claims arising whilst your vehicle is being used by anyone who does not have valid motor insurance;
  • Costs incurred before our written acceptance of a claim;
  • Costs incurred in any legal action you take which we have not agreed to, or where you do anything that hinders us or the appointed lawyer;
  • Any claim for vehicle hire costs if you are claiming against a person who does not have valid motor insurance, cannot be identified or traced, or where you make your own arrangements for vehicle hire after an insured incident.
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