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Substitute Vehicle Cover

Type of insurance and cover provided

Typical Substitute Vehicle Insurance provides cover as detailed below:

Policy Section
This policy will cover
Significant Exclusions - The insurer will not be liable for:
Substitute Vehicle Cover
In the event that your vehicle is subject to:
  • theft or attempted theft or damage by fire or vandalism and it is rendered undriveable; or,
  • an accident and it is written off; or,
  • an accident and it is damaged so as to be undriveable but remains economically repairable

we will arrange and pay for a substitute vehicle to be supplied to you for up to 14 days.

The substitute vehicle will be delivered to you as soon as is practically possible and in any event within one working day of your report of an insured road traffic accident to us.

You may ask for the substitute vehicle to be delivered to you at any convenient place within the territorial limits.
  • Vehicle hire costs for claims arising out of more than two insured incidents in any one period of insurance;
  • The supply of a substitute vehicle to any person who does not meet the hire firm's standard terms and conditions of hire in force at the date when you report the insured incident to us;
  • Vehicle hire costs incurred before our written acceptance of a claim or where the insured person arranges their own hire;
  • The supply of a substitute vehicle if you are a taxi driver, private hire vehicle driver, self-drive hire operator or motor trader unless the substitute vehicle is used solely for your personal use;
  • The supply of a substitute vehicle where the insured vehicle is used for racing, rallies or competitions;
  • The supply of a substitute vehicle where there is any allegation that the insured road traffic accident arose at a time when the insured person had consumed alcohol or illegal drugs;
  • The supply of a substitute vehicle where as a result of the incident you report to us, the insured vehicle is neither written off nor rendered undriveable.
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