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Tools in Transit

Type of insurance and cover provided

Typical Tools in Transit Insurance provides cover as detailed below:

Policy Section
This policy will cover
Significant Exclusions - The insurer will not be liable for:
Tools in Transit
This policy provides cover for up to [£5000 (depending on the premium paid)] in the event that property belonging to you or for which you are responsible is lost, destroyed or damaged whilst being loaded upon, carried by, temporarily housed upon or being unloaded from your vehicle.

Cover extends to incidents occurring in Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Claims are subject to an excess of [£50/£100].
  • The excess which is payable by the insured;
  • loss of sheets, ropes, packing materials, damaged securing chains or toggles;
  • Money and securities;
  • Jewellery, watches, furs, cameras, radios, televisions, record players, cassette players, video and other electronic equipment belonging to vehicle drivers or attendants;
  • Property carried by or dispatched by the insured for hire or reward;
  • Damage to property arising as a result of packing which was inadequate to withstand normal handling during transit;
  • Damage caused to property in open vehicles owned or operated by the insured caused by atmospheric or climatic conditions unless the property is protected by vehicle sheets;
  • Damage to property caused by or arising from wear, tear, depreciation, deterioration, mildew, moth, vermin, manufacturer’s defect, mechanical or electrical breakdown, failure or derangement unless external damage has occurred;
  • Property forming part of or attaching to the insured vehicle;
  • Claims where you have failed to check on property left in an unattended vehicle for more than 48 hours;
  • Claims that arise from your negligent act.

Important conditions - vehicle security requirements

Where property is left in an unattended vehicle:
All doors, windows and other openings must be left closed securely locked and properly fastened and any additional security measures (e.g. vehicle alarm, where present) must be activated.

Where property is left in the vehicle overnight:
The vehicle must be secured as described above and must:

  • be garaged in a building which is securely closed and locked or parked in a compound secured by locked gates; or,
  • if the vehicle has a security alarm, the alarm must be activated and the vehicle must be parked on your driveway off-road adjacent to your house.

Where property is left in an unattended vehicle for long periods of time:
You must carry out a security check of the unattended vehicle every 48 hours whilst property is contained within it. If you are unable to check the vehicle every 48 hours we recommend that you remove the property from the vehicle.

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