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Uninsured Driver

Type of insurance and cover provided

Typical Uninsured Third Party Protection Insurance provides cover as detailed below:

Policy Section
This policy will cover
Significant Exclusions - The insurer will not be liable for:
Uninsured Driver
Where you are involved in a road traffic accident which was wholly the fault of another driver where that driver is traced and identified but was not (at the time of that accident) insured we will pay to you the sum of £500.00.
  • Any claim notified more than 30 days after the date of the accident;
  • Any claim arising from a road traffic accident which was, in our opinion, wholly or partly your fault;
  • Any claim which arises from malicious damage, theft, attempted theft, fire or road rage;
  • Any claim involving damage solely to windscreen or glass;
  • Any claim involving a motorist who is and remains untraced;
  • Any claim which arises from the use of your motor vehicle on any racetrack, circuit or other prepared course;
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