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About Soter Professional Services

Soter entered the insurance and legal market in 2011. We brought together leading experts in the industry who are focused on achieving a fresh, innovative and industry shaping business that others want to work with.

Our people have combined their considerable experience and knowledge to provide a unique range of products and services.

These products and services are delivered in a way that is unrivalled within the market. They are designed to optimise income streams at every opportunity, to ensure our partners not only enjoy a service that is second to none for their customers but also improved profits.

We have achieved this by building a range of well controlled products through which our Underwriters have absolute confidence in our management, enabling Soter to pass on these benefits both financial and through customer service to our Client base.

We have also hand selected our own suppliers who are all managed through tight and bespoke Service Level Agreements ensuring that the final service delivery is always at its optimum level. Again businesses that partner with Soter gain immediate benefit from the knowledge and expertise we have established through our tactical alliances.

We firmly believe our knowledge of the market and strategic approach to our partnerships, set us apart from the crowd and make Soter a valuable alliance for any business looking to compete in the insurance and legal industry.

We are confident that our vision and relationship management will ensure our partners maximise opportunities and income, whilst reducing expenses to deliver a greater profit.

Our business is..

.. Our people provide us with our strength. We are focussed, knowledgeable and understand our market.

.. Our business has built a range of products and services that have been optimised to ensure our partners benefit from the total package we deliver.

.. We recognise that solutions need to be fast and effective and stay the course of time. We continually review ourselves and the people we work with to ensure we stay ahead of the market.

.. We approach all activities with energy and enthusiasm to ensure we always deliver the right results.

.. Our staff and Managers and our businesses are respected throughout the industry and will continue to grow as we shape and lead the market.

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