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Landlord Legal Expenses

Landlord Legal Expenses insurance is an extra level of cover designed to complement your landlord policy and cover areas the main policy may not.  Our Landlord Legal Expenses protection covers legal costs related to issues with your rental property up to maximum total of £500,000, including legal action and court proceedings.

Cover includes:

  • Property legal disputes

Actual loss of salary or wages up to £100 per person per day to a maximum of £1,000 per claim.  This covers time taken off work to attend any court or tribunal hearing as a witness or defendant in legal proceedings for which the insurer has accepted the claim

  • Rent recovery

Fees incurred in the recovery of an undisputed debt for rent unpaid by a tenant provided that the amount in dispute exceeds £1,000 and the insured has attempted to recover outstanding debts through all normal credit control procedures.

  • Attendance expenses

Fees incurred in disputes or legal proceedings made by or brought against the insured regarding:

  • Possession of the insured property
  • Actual or alleged dilapidations to the insured property
  • Actual or alleged nuisance emanating from the insured property
  • Non-payment of service charges
  • Letting of the insured property (where this is in line with the Housing Act)
  • The sale or purchase of the insured property

Cover is subject to a limit of indemnity of £100,000 for any one claim, to a total of £500,000 during the period of insurance. Landlord Home Emergency cover is an optional add-on for this policy.