Soter Professional Services

Vehicle Key Cover

The cost of vehicle keys has risen significantly as today's sophisticated keys extend beyond the classic lock & unlock features. With integrated transponder chips, “key-less” entry and a plethora of other features, the new generation of keys can end up costing a sizable sum.

Our vehicle key insurance product covers customers if their vehicle, home or garage keys are lost, broken, stolen or locked in their property. We operate one of the largest locksmith panels in the UK and our product provides cover for the cost of replacing keys along with any reprogramming.

Key cover policy holders have access to the following benefits:

  • Onward travel costs or hire car provision.
  • Key tag to attach to keys provided. (No tag cover also available).
  • Covered up to £1500, with no limit to the number of claims made.
  • Contribution towards overnight accommodation.
  • £0 Excess on all claims.
  • Claims captured away from primary cover (No loss of no claims bonus).
  • Replacement keys provided (even when a spare is available).
  • Access to our 24/7 365 UK based call centre.

Whenever a policyholder calls us with a key related issue it’s an unexpected and often stressful event. We are here to remove the stress and anxiety of lost, stolen or broken keys from the first notification all the way through to having the key replaced.

We understand that your policyholders are at the heart of your business and as a result, exceptional service levels and a culture of going the extra mile, is at the heart of ours.