Soter Professional Services

Home Emergency

Whilst fire, theft and flood would usually be covered on a customer’s Home Insurance policy, many incidents that need to be fixed straight away and can be very costly are not covered. The customer will be given a number to call if something goes wrong and an appointed tradesman will be sent to them to fix the problem straight away. With our Home Emergency policy, the customer is covered for events we consider to be an Emergency to their Home by the following causes:

  • Bursting or sudden leakage of water pipes within Your Home or failure of Your domestic hot water heating
  • Failure of or damage to underground drains or sewers
  • Damage to, or mechanical failure of, the only accessible toilet or cistern in Your Home which results in complete loss of function
  • Complete failure of Your central heating system involving a boiler or warm air unit
  • Removal of wasp nests, hornets, field or house mice or brown rats within Your Home
  • The property has been made insecure due to the external locking mechanism(s), doors or windows which have either failed completely or have been damaged
  • Missing or repositioned roof tiles, down-piping or guttering failing and further water damage being a likely result of such failure
  • Up to £250 for overnight accommodation only costs, should their Home be rendered not fit to live in.

Customers are covered for up to £500 per claim incl VAT, call-out charges, parts and materials and a maximum of £2500 in total over the Period of Insurance.

Cover options also available for Park Homes and Landlords.