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Unfortunately, the value of a vehicle depreciates at a staggering rate. In the event of an accident, insurers will normally only pay out the current market value, which can leave customers hugely out of pocket. GAP insurance means the policyholder will be indemnified for the difference between the settlement paid by the policyholder's motor insurer and the purchase price or finance settlement value following an insurance claim where the motor insurer classes the insured vehicle a “total loss”.

Cover can be arranged for vehicles valued up to £150,000 and for a 12, 24, 36 or 48 month period for the following:

  • Return to invoice GAP (cover must be purchased within 60 days of vehicle purchase from a VAT Registered dealership).
  • Combination GAP (Valuation Gap or Finance Gap - Whichever is highest up to claim limit)
  • Valuation GAP
  • Finance GAP