Soter Professional Services

Key Cover

The lost or theft of keys for your home, especially when you can no longer access your property can be incredibly stressful and leave policyholders feeling particularly vulnerable. Our key insurance covers policyholders if their home keys are lost, broken, stolen or locked in their property.

We operate one of the largest locksmith panels in the UK and our product provides cover for the costs of replacing keys and locks (if required), along with any locksmith fees. We pride ourselves in our personal, friendly and fast service, communicating with the policyholder at all stages of their claim. We understand the urgency of replacing keys for your home and treat every claim as personal.

In over 95% of home key issues Soter are able to resolve the issue via our Locksmith panel within a few hours and pay the fees upfront meaning your policyholders don't need to source funds personally. Our in-house claims team are specifically trained to resolve a key related issue rapidly and are experts in helping relieve the stress from the claim.

Soter home key products include:

  • Cover up to ¬£1500, with no limit to the number of claims made.
  • Contribution towards onward travel or hire charges included.
  • No excess or upfront fees to pay and no loss of NCB.
  • A fast, friendly and efficient customer journey.