Soter Professional Services

Virtual Reception

Soter answer the phone every time as the welcoming voice of your business’ own PA. After gathering the required information from your customer, we will transfer them to you or the appropriate member of your team.  If you are unavailable, we will forward you a message in real time; an ideal way for you to avoid nuisance calls. Every customer will receive an unrivalled level of service from the first point of contact and your business will benefit from a professional and reliable presence.

Customise the experience you want for your customer. Our skilled staff will perform as your personal PA to create a reliable and polished business presence.

Personalise your greeting, whether we take all or just overflow calls, the information we take from the customer and the hours we answer for you. Our PA’s are available up to 24/7, 365 days a year.

Maximise your efficiency. Our professional staff will transfer the calls answered to you or the right member of your team, giving your customers the best possible experience.

Minimise your time wasted. We will filter the nuisance calls for you whilst making sure the customer still feels important to your business.

Our Virtual receptionists will make sure you never miss a call again and that every call is handled with a personal, high level service. You can trust us to represent your business with integrity. Virtual receptionists are available no matter your area of business.